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Israeli Porn On The Rise

The Israeli adult entertainment industry is on the rise with a massive variety of porn sites, mostly of Israeli porn movies and international porn movies for every taste and niche. In addition to Israeli sex sites featuring mostly movies that can be seen freely or in VOD, the Israeli webcam sex chat niche is also growing with new sites popping up with sexy Israeli girls, guys and couples who are willing to put on a private and uncensored sex show for paying surfers 24 hours a day-7days a week. Although a growing internet industry, the Israeli sex sites are unfortunatly not in the quality level of American or major European sex sites. There are no private sites of Israeli porn stars for example or quality Israeli porn movies that look above the amateur level. This is because there are no major adult production companies such as Vivid or Penthouse willing to deal exclusively in the adult industry as of yet and we hope that this will change.

Finding Israeli girls and guys who are willing to participate in porn movies is not a problem, the problem is that many of the girls don’t want to have the movies that they were featured in to be released in Israel, afraid that their family and friends will watch the porn movie. This is why many local porn movies use non-Israeli actors, mainly from Hungary, to star as Israeli girls. Hungary by the way is well known as the porn capital of Europe with many adult production companies such a Private Entertainment filming there.  Some Israeli girls have moved to the USA and became major pornstars such as: Daphne Rosen, Stephanie Kane, busty Eden Mor, and Playboy model Dana Lemor just to name a few.

We all hope here that the rise in the Israeli porn industry will continue and bring with it higher quality websites and content as well as gorgeous and sexy Israeli porn stars who are willing to enter the industry and do all that it takes inorder to make it bigtime.


Ratuv – Israeli porn movies

Ratuv is one of Israel’s leading porn movie producers for the past few years now.  Ratuv has a variety of sex movie niches that surfers just love to jerk off to.  The most viewed are Israeli soldier movie porn, amatuers fucking in orgies and threesomes, wild lesbian sex action, masterbation scenes of hot lonely Israeli girls, and even some gay and transexual sex videos.  The Ratuv porn movies feature mostly men and women who look like the boy and girl next door.  You will not find here any professional porn stars or real high quality shooting.  Everything seems as if shot by a good camcorder.  Although the quality is not the best, the Israeli porn movies that are produced are fun to watch.  The newest Israeli sex movies that can be viewed are of a very cute Israeli girl named Yasmin having her first orgasm on camera.  This cute girl also performs a threesome scene at a spa with two guys, a great close-up blowjob scene and more.  Not bad for her first day at the job.  To watch these porn movies all you need to do is enter Ratuv, you will find the sex videos mentioned here and many others.  Have fun!

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Orgies In Tel-Aviv…Now The Porn Movie

The party and sex scene in Tel-Aviv was always crazy and wild and has been compared to NYC, Berlin, London, Milano, Paris, and other trend setting cities in the world known for their wild night life and diverse sex scene.  Here in Israel orgies and threesomes are not that uncommon especially since their is a high level of hornyness in the air and sex is always on people’s minds.  The Israeli porn movie “Orgies in Tel-Aviv” takes on to a simple apartment in Tel-Aviv where 2 sexy Israeli girls and 2 sexy guys fuck each other.  The orgy is wild and crazy with the porn stars cumming in ecstacy all over each other on the sofa, the jaccuzi, the floor, and where ever they found a place to have great sex with each other.  To view this Israeli porn movie click here.


Israeli Wife Get’s Fucked On Sofa In Homemade Porn Video

We would like to introduce you today to an Israeli porn movie dealing with a cheating wife.  This sexy MILF was cheating with her husband’s best friend right on their living room sofa.  Not only was she pounded real hard but the whole thing was tapped by her husband with a hidden camera.  The best friend fucked his friend’s wife so hard that she had a tough time standing up for a while but still enough energy to cum again by masterbating.  The porn movie itself is not the best ever made but it still gives you a hard on and shows you just another sample of what Israeli porn is all about…real life situations with sexy Israeli porn stars.  Click on the pics below to enjoy the this Israeli porn movie. 


Israeli Porn

Israeli porn is becoming very popular around the world due to the fact that Israeli girls are the hottest women in the Middle East, far more than Arab women, and the Israeli babes are built for sex and are not shy to have sex and fuck infront of the camera.  These sexy Israeli sluts and Israeli porn actresses just love sex in every way possible, in every porn niche and category.  There have been may Israeli porn stars popping up in the last few years showing a great talent in fucking and sucking just like in any porn movies worldwide.  In the hundreds of Israeli sex movies been made with these Jewish Israeli porn stars, there have been sexy IDF army babes in sex action shown on film, threesomes in Tel-Aviv, orgies and gangbangs in Jerusalem, Jews and Arabs fucking each other, Israeli gays and transexuals, Israeli lesbians, and many many more Israeli porn that has been made recently.  For more about Israeli porn movies and watching them click here.

Israeli porn movies in action