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Escorts in Israel

Israel has been for many years a center for all those who love to party with escorts that come in a variety of ethnic backgrounds. From beautiful Israeli girls of Middle Eastern descent with tanned skin and mesmerizing brown eyes to gorgeous sexy Israeli girls from European descent with silky blond hair and sky blue eyes, Israel has a lot to offer when it comes to escorts for hire that offer full service sex incall and outcall.  Israeli escorts like many escorts worldwide suffer from stereotypes due to the non-mainstream profession in which they work in although it is one of the oldest professions in the world.  Escort stereotypes can range from drug abused girls on street corners willing to do anything for some cash for their next drug score, to the untrue fact that all sex workers have been abused during childhood, to deeply perverted woman who can’t deal with their sexual prevertion in any other way but to sell their bodies to strangers. What these portrayals do is mix between the common street walker hooker to the high class escorts that we are talking about.

Most high class escorts in Israel are sexy Israeli girls that are very well educated with degrees from ivy league and other well known universities.  This is true by the way whether we are talking about high class escorts in Amsterdam or VIP companion escorts girl in France.  These high class escorts decided that for the expensive life style that they want to live they are willing to get into the escort life of having high class clientele meet with them for randevus full of sexual and erotic pleasure for a very high price. These VIP escorts are all fashion model types, some are or have been fashion models for famous fashion brands and designers, bikini models, Playboy playmates and some are even pornstars that charge cash for sex.  Think about it, you can actually book a pornstar escort and have sex with her just like you watch in her porn movies.

Escorts, have an important role to play in society for two basic reasons: One – for many people having sex with one partner or a regular partner is not enough or possible. Two – our modern society, family and relationships our full of gaps between expectations and reality, and it is these gaps that escorts fill in for some.

Here are 9 statistics that prove the need for escorts in our modern society. Although most of the data is taken from American surveys, Israel is not that much different and the role of escorts in Israel is probably more ot less the same:

Threesome with two beautiful escorts

If there is something that every Israeli man likes it is to talk about sex and do it, sometimes, if they are lucky, with two beautiful and sexy girls at once in a steamy threesome just like in porn movies.  Whether in Israel or in other places in the world, those who want to have sex with two girls at the same time either need to work really hard at it and know the right people, and the other who can’t do it that way just pick up the phone and call an exclusive escort service that specializes in duos.  For your viewing pleasure here are two threesome sex videos of a guy booking two beautiful pornstar escorts that arrive at his hotel room.  As you can see it is an unforgettable encounter.

Pornstar escorts Lily Carter & Lizz Tayler – in a kinky threesome with leather outfits, leashes, tall boots and lots of beautiful tits and tight asses that get pounded.

Pornstar escorts Gracie Glam & Kagney Linn Karter – in a role playing discreet encounter where a guy plays as if he picked them up at the hotel bar and invited  them to his hotel room for some hardcore threesome fucking.

Pornstar escorts Gracie Glam & Kagney Linn Karter – in a role playing discreet encounter where a guy plays as if he picked them up at the hotel bar and invited them to his hotel room for some hardcore threesome fucking.

Israel Bans Escort and Sex Service Advertising and Marketing

Prostitution is legal in Israel, meaning that if you wish to sell your body for sex there is no legal problem with it.  The law prohibits pimping, forcing another to work in prostitution or drive someone to do so.  Up until now the law has prosecuted human traffickers, pimps, especially those who have abused under aged women and men (under 18 years old) and have used violence, intimidation and forced drug abuse inorder to make them stay and work in the dark world of prostitution. Amendments to the law have been added over the years limiting the advertising of escorts and sex services to specific media forms that do not target the general population audience, but with no real deterrence or enforcement.  The new amendment to the law prohibiting the advertising and marketing of prostitution comes to break the chain between the traffickers and pimps to the end client, making it harder for him to contact sex service providers.  The advertsing of escort services, massage parlors and incall escort places has been legal to this point as long as it didn’t target under age audiences and wasn’t advertised in areas where the general population regarded it as offensive such as in religious areas.  Since the law only regarded in this case the feelings of the general population to the issue, the new law passed in April 2011 now takes into account the exploitation of prostitutes and women who are forced in one way or another to become one.  The exploitation of the women by their pimps in the form of advertising them in various magazines, newspapers and websites, and making a huge profit due to this practice that also finds its way to the pockets of gangsters and other criminals is what the law seeks to stop.  The raw logic of this law is that if advertsing the escort and sex service business will be prohibited the pimps and the exploiters will be financially hurt.  The Israeli Supreme Court addressed this issue and provided legitimacy to this law after motions to ban it due to freedom of speech and expression.  The reasoning was that freedom of speech can be limited as long as it doesn’t deal with religion or political views for example, and in this issue the advertising of sex services is not only a trade or financial issue but also deals with the fact that it  limits the freedom and rights of the explioted women working in prositution, harming and scaring  them physically and emotionally, and hence limiting and even banning such advertising is legal.  The current law that was passed this month targets not only the pimps and human traffickers but also legitimate businesses such as advertising agencies, printing services, website designers, website owners of escort directories and all who deal in one way or another with the creation, advertising and marketing of escort and sex services in Israel with harsh jail time of three years and high fines.

What do we think about this new law?  We are always for harsh laws and harsh punishments for thos who are human traffickers, force women and men to work as prostitutes, hire or force underage women and men to work in the sex business, drive people to use drugs and alcohol, and all who use violence in all its forms so that they can exploit them to make a profit.  However, banning the advertising of escort services, massage parlors, incall places and whore houses, who hire women over the age of 18 that come to work as escorts or erotic massuses freely, for their own reasons, and fully aware of the type of job they will be doing and all that is involved in is, is not understandable.  Yes, we are well aware that nobody wishes to grow up to become a prostitue, and we know that working as one, whether walking the streets or being a high priced escort is not a normal girl’s dream, but since being a prostitute is legal in Israel the law blockes these rather legitimate businesses from working.  Many escorts prefer to work for an agency since the escort agency takes care of the advertising, the phone calls and bookings and problems that might arise.  They turn to escort services to manage them under their own free will perfectly aware of the sharing of monies and so on.  Some girls prefer to work as an independent escort and handle the business by themselves.  Both are legitimate options in our eyes, and smart and honest escort service managers have no need to use force or violence since the demand for being an escort and the chance to make thousands of Sheckls or Dollars per day is high and doesn’t require “pimps” to use human traffickers or any other coersion practices.

To sum up, the new law passed this month in Israel banning the advertising and marketing of escort services and other sex services is based on the assumption that all escort and sex businesses use violence, under age prositutes, and other illegal and immoral practices when in fact most escort services and massage parlors hire women that come to work at these establishments of their own free will perfectly aware of what they will be doing.  The fact that most sex workers come from broken homes, suffered sex, alcohol and drug abuse is a sad side to the story but can’t be a reason to prevent them from making a living if they want to in the adult entertainment industry.  Under this logic maybe the next step will be outlawing strip clubs and porn movies in Israel making the only free and liberal country in the Middle East, and considered free and liberal worlwide, closer to religious led countries such as Iran.  We all hope that day will never come and that one day this new law will be dismissed under its current provisions, so that if a person wants to get laid or get a good body massage and “happy ending” he will be able to do so freely and without the fear of doing something illegal.

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Israel Sex Guide

The Israel Sex Guide provides updated information about Israel escorts and adult entertainment, sex and nightlife information in Israel by featuring articles covering escort services in Israel and independent escorts and call girls for outcalls and incalls, strip clubs and gogo bars, and prostitution legal issues and topics dealing in sex tourism and do’s and don’ts.  The Israel Sex Guide covers all areas of adult entertainment in Israel especially in the major cities such as: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Eilat, Ramat Gan, Rishon Le-Tzion and general regions in Israel such as HaMerkaz (central), HaDarom (southern), HaTzafon (northern), HaShfela (inner Israel), all with alot to offer in terms of sex services and adult entertainment.  To those visiting Israel for business or for pleasure we bring you the very best in VIP and elite escort services from sexy and beautiful Israeli escorts and call girls in Israel that cater specifically to affluent tourists and businessmen.  We also have alot of information about incall escorts at brothels and massage parlors with very sexy girls who are willing and able to make your visit in Israel very memorable and enjoyable.

In addition to information about escorts in Israel we also offer updates about the very latest Israeli porn movies and porn sites, sexy Israeli models and pornstars, news from all over the world regarding sexy Israeli girls (18+), new international porn sites and niches that are popular in Israel, and many other topics that deal with the Israeli porn industry online and offline.

Adult dating in Israel is another topic that deals with.  Tel Aviv is considered a very open minded city and that is why it is a great city for casual sex and dating.  There are so many young people in Tel-Aviv who frequent pick-up bars and pubs with one purpose on in mind…to get laid.  Whether if during the week or on the weekend, the restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, and night clubs of Tel-Aviv are always packed with sexy young people who like to have fun and try new things and advantures.  Israelis in Tel Aviv are as open minded about sex and dating as anywhere in the USA or Europe and many are determined to get their fair share of sex before getting married.  There are many pick-up bars in Tel Aviv which are known to be just that, a place to meet a sexy partner for a quick fling.  The Israeli adult dating scene is not only at pick-up bars, the beach is always a good place to get noticed and be noticed and look at the many sexy young people tanning, playing, and enjoying life.  This is not the place to be timid or shy, Israelies are known for their bluntness and “get to the point” attitude so if you like a girls or boy and would like to ask them out just walk up and do it, they’ll let you know right away if they’re interested or not.  Getting laid in Israel and having no strings attached sex is very common for tourists (Jews and non-Jews) and many of them keep comming back for more and some even stay here and get married.

The site is updated on a regular basis every week and sometimes several times a week so we recommend visiting the site often to read all about the sex industry in Israel.  Feel free to bookmark and add it to your favorites so that you will have easy access to all news and events that feature Israel adult entertainment topics.