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Adult Web Design on Facebook

Bluevision – Design, the leading adult web design and development company in Israel has announced the opening of its Facebook page.  The Facebook page is a great tool for marketing and SEO as well as keeping in touch with clients, industry friends, and in general being updated in real time with what interests you. Since the adult industry is worldwide and service providers are always looking for the next big client, SEO and SEM are not enough, and that’s where Facebook comes in. In a few clicks you can find your next potential clients and contact him. Bluevision Productions is always in the forefront of technological developments and trends so that its clients will reap the benefits of such updated knowledge. For your next adult web design project or adult SEO promotion, Bluevision Productions will be glad to help.

Bluevision – Design provides a one-stop-shop for all your web needs, from design, content management systems, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, hosting, and even mobile applications and compatibility for sites.  All services under one company for your comfort.

Visit them at: bvdesign or at Bluevision Productions Facebook.


Sex Toys For Woman A New Found Method For Ultimate Satisfaction

Erotic toys are more and more considered to be the ultimate objects of pleasure that you can possibly eye for. These objects already held a great deal of fascination for males and now they have turned out to be equally tantalizing for the female counterparts. As a matter of fact, sex toys for woman are of prominent appeal to a larger section of the fairer sex. These toys of ultimate pleasure are created with rubber materials. Therefore they do not create any negative impact on soft tissues. So when you use them you can a hectic pulsation in your body but there is no threat involved in it. That is the reason why the bevy of erotic toys is creating so much of a furor in the market of adult toys.

Varieties of sex toys

In the present scenario there are in fact a plethora of options for women in shape of sex toys for women. Clit vibrators are definitely in top row of all the available choices. There is no reason at all for them to hide their feelings and deprive them of all the pleasure that they can have at ease. The most exciting appeal of these gadgets is that there is no limitation on your activities. You can carry on with your private sex life with these gadgets as long as you wish. They do not get you entangled in any kind of sexual problem on your part.

Medically proven safe options for women

Sex toys are meant with a high degree of care so that you can rest assured that your private parts are not harmed in nay way. You can enjoy your private sex life at ease and at the same time you stay far away from harm’s way. Isn’t that just great? If you feel shy or if you are doing it for the very first time in your life then you can try it out with the vibrators for beginners. These are safe and for the beginners they are great fun.

Technical nitty-gritty’s of the sex toys

There is another important aspect of the sex toys for woman folk that needs to be highlighted. These objects are semantically advanced form of high end technology. They are made of sophisticated ingredients. Therefore you are going to have a soft, velvety or spongy feel as you try to get sexual gratification with these stuffs. At the same time there is absolutely zero level of trouble when you need to get them cleaned or refreshed. If you choose to wash the materials you can very well go for it. The reason is these objects are completely washer proof.

Sex For Cash Money

The world economy is currently in a very delicate position that has macro and micro economic consequences not only for a country’s general economic strength but also for many families who see month by month how the cost of living increases as their salaries stay the same, putting an ever growing pressure for survival.  Survival of the family structure, making enough money so that there is food to put on the table and keep a roof over family members heads is a day to day struggle for many families around the world and especially for the working class.  In many instances where the salary of the main provider, usually the man, is not enough so that the family has a stable economic base, many wives go to work as well.  The working woman is not a new thing in our modern society, there are many succseful career women in every field of our economy and government.  For the middle class woman, who on an average is busy taking care of the household chores, going to work and finding a sufficient salary to pay the bills is a hard task.  Many women who just couldn’t find such a job turn to selling their bodies in return for money, money that will help their families survive our hard economic times.

These women are not your ordinary housewives, at least not in the site dedicated to women who have sex for cash money after finding a sugar daddy that can take care of their economic needs.  The site that I am talking about is MILF Sugar Babes, married babes fucking for money to pay the bills.  The site features the most beautiful porn stars playing women who secretly help pay the house bills buy having sex with men who support them financially AKA sugar daddies.

Take for example the story of Nadia Lopez: “I’ve told my husband that I’m on my way to interview for a job, but it’s a lie. I’ve already got the job; it’s in a penthouse suite here in Miami, and I do whatever he says. See, my husband’s out of work, and we’ve been thinking of having another child, so I’m doing what I have to do to make money. Even if it means giving my sugar daddy the best blowjob of his life; because that’s cash in my pocket. Our pocket”.  Some women in today’s hard day-to-day times feel that they have no other choice but to sell their bodies for money to support their families.  It’s a very sad situation but that is the path that these hot MILF’s have chosen to take with their beautiful sexy bodies and you have the privileged to watch one of the many sex videos in that site depicting married women in this situation.  Here is Nadia Lopez fucking her sugar daddy:

College Sugar Babesis another site with a similar topic, this time as you have probably guessed the site features sexy college students who have sex with sugar daddies to help pay for their college tuition and education expenses.  This site is also filled with great sex movies of beautiful and sexy female college students that have a hard time paying for college, and the solution that they find to overcome this difficulty is to find a sugar daddy that is willing to pay for their educational expenses in return for amazing sex with horny college students.

Watch MILFs and college babes have discreet sex for money with their sugar daddy to pay the family bills and tuition fees!

Pornstar Escorts

Ever have a fantasy of fucking your favorite porn star? Well…your dreams came true!  The site Tonight’s Girlfriend features the most beautiful porn stars in the biz who besides making porn movies work as high class escorts for your pleasure.  The escorts in the site are hired to fulfil a sexual and erotic fantasy that can range from regular sex, nicknamed Vanilla fantasy, to kinky, role playing, domination and submissive.  The sexual services that these pornstar escorts for hire provide range from the regular one-on-one missionary position sex to facial cum shots, anal sex, foot fetish jerk offs, and even threesomes with smoking hot and sexy pornstars for hire.  With their slogan: “I don’t pay them to have sex, I pay them to leave” you can’t go wrong.

So what can be seen in the site? A guy calls an escort service agency that books discreet and intimate dates with porn stars.  The guy usually calls from his hotel room and waits for the escort to arrive at the booked time for her outcall date.  She knocks on the door and the guy lets her in.  They chat about how he is excited to finally meet his favorite porn star and how eager he is to spend some quality time with her and have her fulfill his fantasies.  She asks if there are any special things that he would like her to do and after everything is agreed he hands her an envelope with money to show her his intention of getting it on.  The porn star escort excuses her self to use the bathroom and get prepared.  She calls the escort agency to let them know that everything is OK and the price that was set, and then she starts to get naked and dressed with her “fuck me outfit”.  After she is ready she comes out and the hardcore action begins.

Tonight’s Girlfriend features porn star escorts seen in A list porn movies and sex video such as Audrey Bitoni, Juelz Ventura, Asa Akira, Emma Star and more.  Since we deal here in the Israel Sex Guide with Israeli and Jewish porn stars theJewish porn stars in the Tonight’s Girlfriend site are the busty Alannah Rae, sexy April O’Niel and more to come.

The following are two trailers featuring the two Jewish pornstar escorts mentioned and the sexual fantasies that they fulfiled for their fan that booked them for an outcall service.

April O’Neil – College professor fucking his student fantasy

Alannah Rae – Blond with big tits fantasy

Vote For The Dead Sea As One Of The New Seven Wonders Of The World

As you have probably heard in the media, the Dead Sea is in the top 10 list for being added to the list of the new seven wonders of the world.  To cast your vote and for the complete list of the new seven wonders go to: or and vote for the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth right here in Israel.  The Dead Sea is a salt lake between the Palestinean territories and Israel to the west and Jordan to the east.  At 420 metres below sea level, with 30 percent salinity, it is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean.  Recently famous photographer Spencer Tunick has photographed 1200 naked people floating in the Dead Sea to raise awarness to the salty lake which is actualy dying and drying up in an enormous rate due to massive industrial use of its salts and minerals.  To view the nude photos of Spencer Tunick go to

If you are interested in viewing some more natural wonders from Israel we recommend going to Israeli sex cams and viewing beautiful Israeli girls, guys, couples and shemales in live sex chat totally uncensored and live from Israel.