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Here I will discuss general topics that I think can interest all that like Israeli porn and other Israeli adult entertainment topics. Here I will also post all kinds of announcements and posts that I can fit in the other categories.

As you have probably heard in the media, the Dead Sea is in the top 10 list for being added to the list of the new seven wonders of the world.  To cast your vote and for the complete list of the new seven wonders go to: or and vote
Israel is a well known power house of martial arts practitioners with two olympic gold medals in Judo and countless medals in other world wide competitions in Judo, Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Kong Fu, Jujitsu , MMA and other martial art styles.  The rise of the UFC and its tremendous
Massage parlors in Israel are in every city and offer a variety of atmospheres and services to their clients.  In Tel-Aviv you can find the largest variety of massage parlors and sex spas in various styles such as Oriental, Russian, Turkish, and so on.  Other cities such as Jerusalem, Haifa,
Prostitution is legal in Israel, meaning that if you wish to sell your body for sex there is no legal problem with it.  The law prohibits pimping, forcing another to work in prostitution or drive someone to do so.  Up until now the law has prosecuted human traffickers, pimps, especially
Hustler Lingerie in its aggressive quest for new markets has closed a deal with Ashley Hof Ltd. in Israel, becoming the first distributer of Hustler lingerie in the Middle East.  Hustler Lingerie President Elan Rofé explains: "Consumer confidence in Israel is at a 10-year high. The need for specialty imports like our sexy