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As you probably know military service is compulsory in Israel for Jewish boys and girls 18 years old and over.  Most of the people go to military units that they choose and some are sent to units that the military thinks best suits them.  And so some of the people
It's summer time here in Israel, the days are steaming hot and the nights are warm and full of action. Israeli girls that are on summer break are all over the beautiful beaches of Tel-Aviv, Eilat and other places, soaking up the sun wearing tiny bikinis that leave nothing to
In Israel all men and women are drafted at the the age of 18 to the Israeli army, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), and women play a very important and vital role as fighters and non-combat positions.  There are Israeli army girls who are pilots, tank commanders, ship captains, and ever regular
Zimbio site surfers have voted Bar Refaeli as the hottest bikini body! The 25 year old Israeli model is hands down the sexiest model working today with appearances in probably every single leading fashion and men's magazine in the world. The list of 95 hot bikini bodies to choose from included
Bar refaeli has become the leading Israeli supermodel thanks to her extremely beautiful face and sexy body.  She has been featured in every leading fashion and men's magazines either in a tiny bikini, sexy lingerie, or fully naked but always covering her beautiful round and large tits.  Playboy has been