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Israeli Soldiers are Smiling on Purim, thanks to You!

Do a mitzva for Purim and order a gift basket for Israeli soldiers who will be celebrating away from home this year once again.  The soldiers serving in the areas delivered to are thrilled to have a pizza shop close by to their bases and patrolling regions. They enjoy the comfort and warmth that IDF-Pizza offers. The food and gift baskets are delivered right to them, wherever they are stationed.  Gift baskets are delivered on every major Jewish holiday to Israel Defense Forces soldiers, gift baskets that include candy, snacks, pizza, and other foods that put a smile on their faces.

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Sexy Israeli Soldier Girls

As you probably know military service is compulsory in Israel for Jewish boys and girls 18 years old and over.  Most of the people go to military units that they choose and some are sent to units that the military thinks best suits them.  And so some of the people go to fighting combat units, intelligence, supporting units, instructional, clerical jobs, etc.  Israeli girls that want to go to fighting combat units in the IDF can only go to combat units that allow girls to be fighters along side guys.  There is alot of demand for those positions and so not all of the girls are accepted.  The ones that are not accepted become mostly instructors for combat operations and subjects such as fitness instructors, sniper and shooting instructors, artillery and tank instructors and so on.  Usually all of the girl combat instructors are sexy and hot, making the guy soldiers even hornier that what they are usually.  Some of the soldiers get lucky and get alot more “private time” with these sexy young army girls.

Israeli Girls Gone Wild

In Israel all men and women are drafted at the the age of 18 to the Israeli army, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), and women play a very important and vital role as fighters and non-combat positions.  There are Israeli army girls who are pilots, tank commanders, ship captains, and ever regular infantry grunts.  Men are required to serve for 3 years and women for 2 years and the service in the IDF is considered a major part of growing up in Israel, being part of the culture, and the national identity.  But aren’t you wondering what these young and sexy Israeli girls do when they come back home for some R and R?  They party hard!  Israel is known for its crazy parties and wild Israeli girls that love to get loose and have fun.  During the summer and even sometimes during the winter there are pool parties where sexy Israeli girls dance and drink in their tiny bikinis showing off their sexy tanned bodies with their nice natural tits and round Jewish ass.

At these wild pool parties Israeli girls come with their sexy girlfriends or boyfriends to drink, eat, dance and have a good time for the weekend before they need to go back on Sunday to the army, and so from Friday to Saturday most sexy Israeli girls can be found in pool parties, pubs and night clubs looking for some action.  As you can see in this video clip of a hot pool party in Israel and many  Israeli girls gone wild they all have sexy young bodies with big tits and round booties just built for sex.

Israeli girls are sexy and fun loving no matter if they are in a night club dancing and drinking all night, get wild at pool parties, or even just at a local pub.  In this video clip extremly sexy Israeli girls are shown working out at some desert location get all hot and sweaty, streaching and shaking their asses

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Bar Refaeli Naked & Sexy & Gorgeous

As far as we are concerened Bar Refaeli the Israeli supermodel and hot hot hot Israeli bikini model is one of the most beautiful women in the world today.  She is simply perfect in every way with a drop-dead-gorgeous face and body that is every man’s dream.  We all wish that every Israeli girls would look like her, or at least try, so that we can enjoy even more sexy hot babes walking all around us with their tiny short skirts and bikinis.  It will be a very very happy day for all of us if Bar Refaeli decides to pose for Playboy one day, and we hope that it will be real soon!  When she decides to be in an Israeli porn movie or any other porn movie we will all know that the end of the world is near and that hell just froze and the Massiah is on his way.  Untill that day we can just enjoy the most beautiful Israeli model Bar Refaeli in this video and many others like it.  Take a look at Bar Refaeli naked here.  For more videos of Israeli girls click here.  For Israeli porn videos click here.

Israeli Army Porn

The israeli military known by it’s full name as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has been known worldwide as one of the most experienced militaries in the world since it is always in either a war/conflict or training for one.  The IDF was always covered in the news for good or bad and here we will cover the unknown and unofficial part of the IDF, the Israeli army female and male soldiers that love to film themselves having sex on base or in military uniform and also production companies that have been taking advantage of this growing niche showing Israeli soldier babes fucking and sucking just like any international porn star.  These Israeli army porn movies are not connected in any way to the Israeli military, in fact, if any soldier is caught having sex on base or if a commander is dating a lower ranked soldier under his/her command they can really get in trouble and punished.  Even  though there is a ban on sex on base let’s not forget that the majority of Israeli soldiers are women and men in their teens ages 18 and above at the peak of their sexual abilities, an age where sex is always on the mind and everyone is always horny as hell and so romance and sex encounters among soldiers is not rare, in fact it happens all of the time.  Orgies and threesomes, drunken sex parties, parties with Israeli strippers and escorts on the base are just some stories that make it to the news once in a while and are also depicted in Israeli porn movies.  Some of these Israeli porn movies can be viewed in the following links for your enjoyment: Ratuv –  one of Israel’s first professional Israeli porn studios.  Sex VOD – a premium Israeli porn and international porn site that can be viewed on demand.  Israeli Porn Movies – a site dedicated to Israeli porn from all studios.

Israeli army girls in a sexy pose with no uniform