Escorts in Israel

Israel has been for many years a center for all those who love to party with escorts that come in a variety of ethnic backgrounds. From beautiful Israeli girls of Middle Eastern descent with tanned skin and mesmerizing brown eyes to gorgeous sexy Israeli girls from European descent with silky blond hair and sky blue eyes, Israel has a lot to offer when it comes to escorts for hire that offer full service sex incall and outcall.  Israeli escorts like many escorts worldwide suffer from stereotypes due to the non-mainstream profession in which they work in although it is one of the oldest professions in the world.  Escort stereotypes can range from drug abused girls on street corners willing to do anything for some cash for their next drug score, to the untrue fact that all sex workers have been abused during childhood, to deeply perverted woman who can’t deal with their sexual prevertion in any other way but to sell their bodies to strangers. What these portrayals do is mix between the common street walker hooker to the high class escorts that we are talking about.

Most high class escorts in Israel are sexy Israeli girls that are very well educated with degrees from ivy league and other well known universities.  This is true by the way whether we are talking about high class escorts in Amsterdam or VIP companion escorts girl in France.  These high class escorts decided that for the expensive life style that they want to live they are willing to get into the escort life of having high class clientele meet with them for randevus full of sexual and erotic pleasure for a very high price. These VIP escorts are all fashion model types, some are or have been fashion models for famous fashion brands and designers, bikini models, Playboy playmates and some are even pornstars that charge cash for sex.  Think about it, you can actually book a pornstar escort and have sex with her just like you watch in her porn movies.

Escorts, have an important role to play in society for two basic reasons: One – for many people having sex with one partner or a regular partner is not enough or possible. Two – our modern society, family and relationships our full of gaps between expectations and reality, and it is these gaps that escorts fill in for some.

Here are 9 statistics that prove the need for escorts in our modern society. Although most of the data is taken from American surveys, Israel is not that much different and the role of escorts in Israel is probably more ot less the same:

Sex is not just for pleasure

According to a sex survey conducted by Woman’s Day magazine in December 2011, 84% of women have had sex with a man in order to get him to do more chores around the house.  This makes sex a reward for doing house work, taking away all of the excitement and spontaneity out of sex with your partner.  It is this lack of passion that escorts rekindle in the lives of so many husbands, and also wives who seek male escorts.

Love and romance eludes us in daily life

Durex Condoms conducted a sexual well-being global survey in 2010 that revealed that 39% of respondents are looking for more love and romance. Escorts who provide the girlfriend experience (GFE) to their clients are helping to meet this need and not just for sex.  The need for intimacy and affection just like with a regular girlfriend can be provided by escorts who, unlike in a real situation, won’t reject or leave the man broken-hearted.  This need for closeness that eludes some men can be achieved by professional escorts who are just a phone call away.

People need to feel less stress

The Durex 2010 survey reported that 37% of those surveyed indicated they wanted to feel less stressed out and tired.  Being in a relationship is hard work and a daily struggle for some.  With an escort the stress and hassles that you have with the wife of girlfriend are gone sonce they are here for your pleasure and for you to relax and simply enjoy.  Booking an escort for an hour or two can do miracles for your own well being, and if you are less stressed-out so will your communication with your spouse hopefully be on a much lighter and less intense level.

Americans have less sex than other nations

In 2001, the Durex survey reported that married respondents only made love 98 times per year. Additionally, single respondents engaged in intercourse only 49 times. Escorts help clients have more sex and enjoy more sex since our modern life is stressful and busy and thus maybe sexual partners are unavailable and harder to get.  For those who are feeling unfilfilled and for those who need more opportunities to have sex, escorts are the perfect solution.

Our society chooses hobbies over our mates

In 2001, the Durex survey indicated that 22% of those surveyed said they chose spending time with friends over having sex with their partners. 10% of survey respondents said they chose to go shopping or play sports instead of having sex with their partners.  Since people prefer to do other activities instead of having sex escorts can help rekindle that fire and make people have a healthier sex drive by sometimes providing a sexual experience that is beyond “normal sex” like maybe doing special sexual positions, incorporating sex toys, dressing up in very sexy lingeries, doing some kind of fetish session or fulfilling a sexual or erotic fantasy for the client.  To some these fantasies can be as simple as maybe having anal sex to having a threesome with two beautiful escorts.  What ever the fantasy is, the fact that an escort can have sex with a client that later enhances his sex drive can be very beneficial to him and to his loved one by making their relationship full of passion again.  In this sense the escort plays the role of a kind of sex therapist in a way.

Many women fake orgasm

In the Woman’s Day study, 48% of women have reported they have faked an orgasm. This is not uncommon since usually women fake orgasms in order to rush their partners to finish up sexual intercourse more quickly. Men know this and see it in a very negative way since their ego is hurt by the fact that they think that they can’t provide an orgasm to their woman. This hurt ego makes the man feel that he is inadequate in fulfilling his role in sex, so inadequate that his partner doesn’t enjoy sex with him, doesn’t orgasm and for that reason fakes an orgasm so that he finishes as soon as possible. Escorts are a phone call away for those men who wish to restore the passion and their own confidance while having sex. Escorts guide men in effective techniques and positions that make it easier for them to later make their spouse orgasm and enjoy sex with them with pleasure.

Sex lives lack excitement and variety

The 2001 Durex survey reported that 50% of those surveyed felt that their sex lives are not exciting enough and they preferred more variety. Variety can come in different shapes and forms and this is where escorts fit in once again. Some would like to have sex with the ultimate Playboy type of a sexy blond girl with big tits and blue eyes that loves to fuck and suck like there is no tomorrow. Other maybe would like to have sex with a sexy black girl, have some kind of role-playing or even bdsm session, or whatever takes them away from the normal routine at home that makes them bored. Escorts are the professionals that spice up sex lives of their clients’ and it is these clients that later go back home and try to repeat what they experienced with their wife or girlfirend.

People are unsatisfied with their sex lives

The majority of respondents in the 2011 Durex study reported they were not has happy as they could be or want to be with their sex lives. An escort’s main goal is to service her client in a manner that will make him have a most pleasurable experience whether it is a lovely conversation or hardcore sex with all of the fireworks that she knows how to fire up. People who are unsatisfied with their sex lives don’t always go just to escorts, some choose a riskier way to satisfy their sex lives by having a mistress. This mistress can be a sexy college girl looking for a sugar daddyor a more mature or married woman like a MILF looking for a sugar daddyto satisfy her sexually or just for the money. Escorts do not provide this risk since the unwritten code of escorts is discretion to all clients, something that can’t be said about a mistress that can suddenly want a lot more than thought before in the relationship and can literaly ruin a man’s life.

Men feel they are not having enough sex

The 2011 Durex survey indicates that two-thirds of men surveyed feel they are not having enough sex. Not all men feel comfortable or confident enough to go up to a girl and pick her up in a bar or night club or even in the work place or the street, and thus it is difficult for them to find a partner. Other men have no problem picking up girls but their sex drive is so high that there aren’t enough girls to satisfy them when ever they want. Escorts are here for these kinds of men. Whether shy and timid or outgoing and aggressive, escorts know exactly how to handle each of these characters and provide them with the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that they want.

To summerize, escorts in Israel and escorts around the world provide a very special service to men and women in society. The basic human need for sexual pleasure, intimacy, closeness, satisfaction and enjoyment, can all be fulfilled by professional escorts who provide sex or just companionship in exchange for money.