Sexy Israeli Models

Israel has been truely blessed with gorgeous girls who in the last few years have been renowned worldwide for their beautiful and sexy looks and bodies.  The most famous top Israeli model in the past few years has been the knockout named Bar Refaeli.  Bar Refaeli is a PERFECT 10 with a flawless face and dream-like super sexy body that will drive every man crazy, perfect large natural breasts, silky smooth long legs, and a tight flat tummy that is hard to forget.  This 23 year old has been featured in every top model magazine, has been on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue of 2009 and is featured in the 2010 issue as well.  Dating the famous and talented actor Leonardo De-Caprio also added to this sexy Israeli model‘s fame as tabloids from all over the world followed them just to capture a glimpse of what the two love birds do together when on vacation or just shopping.  People worldwide just love to look at Bar’s gorgeous body and sexy features no matter what she is wearing, which is usually not that much since she mainly poses and models for bikini magazines.  It has been rumored that Playboy magazine has offered Bar Refaeli to pose and be an instant Playboy centerfold.  When that happens I think it will be one of the best selling issues Playboy has ever sold!  Every Israeli man and men from all over the world will buy that Playboy issue and enjoy finally seeing every sexy area that Bar has covered all those years and have been viewed by only a handful of very lucky men.

Another beautiful and sexy Israeli model that has been gaining more and more coverage is the 20 year old Esti Ginzburg.  Esti Ginzburg has been also featured in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Bikini issue and is featured in the 2010 as well.  Her seductive sexy look and built for sex body have not been left unnoticed by the many men’s magazines that she has been featured in in both in Israel and abroad.  A recently discharged IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) soldier, Esti has been very busy since a very early age posing for the leading fashion magazines in Europe and the USA.  She has been spotted in partying in various hot and trendy New York night clubs and hasn’t been reported dating any celebrities.  Esti is a real Israeli sweetheart with a wild side that we hope to see in the near future.

Moran Atias is another super sexy Israeli model and actress that has been featured in various men’s magazines and leading fashion magazines and campaigns in Israel, Europe, Asia, and in the USA.  Her exotic and sexy looks have made her very famous especialy in Italy where she lived for a few years and even co-hosted a Milano TV show.  Her long dark hair, deep dark eyes, darkish complextion, beautiful full breasts and long legs, have made her a busy Israeli top bikini model that isn’t shy showing more skin than Bar Refaeli and Esti Ginzburg are willing to show.

To sum up, the “land of milk and honey” has been blessed with many beautiful and sexy girls that have a very successful modeling career worlwide, some with a super-model status.  We hope that this trend continues and that Israel will be known for sexy Israeli models and not just for conflict.

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