Israeli IDF Army Girls

In Israel it is mandatory for every male and female once they turn 18 to serve in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).  This is not an easy time for many young Israelis.  For some it is the first time being away from home for long periods of time, for some it is a shock since just a few months before they were stil in high school, and to some it is a thrilling time where they leave a certain period of life behind and get ready for an intensive change.  Each recruit has his choice of where he would like to serve, either in a fighting unit, desk job, mechanic, and so on.  The army reserves the right to place any recruit in any unit it sees fit according to the recruit’s psychological profile and personal information and exerience.  For example, a female recruit who wanted an office job simply making coffee for officers and going back home everyday at 5 in the evening can find herself in an elite intelligence unit working with the Shabak (interior intelligence unit, like the FBI)  or the Mossad (the foreign security unit, like the CIA) if she has needed language skills and the right characteristics.  In the last 10 years the IDF has opened more possibilites for Israeli army girls to join fighting units considered too hard for women.  Women now are more visible as commanders and high ranking officers in positions such as pilots, submariners, tank commanders, weapons instructors, and other fields considered too risky for these young Israeli girls. 

All soldiers, once entering there army service, must realize that they are placed in a rigorous institution, where individuality becomes a secondary matter, making room for nationalism. “I solemnly swear…to devote all of my strength and to sacrifice my life to protect the land and the liberty of Israel,” repeats every newly recruited soldier during his/her swearing-in ceremony.  By swearing this sacred oath these young girls enter the two-year period in which they will change from a girl to a woman, a teenager to an adult, all under a militaristic, masculine environment, and in the confines of an army that is engaged in daily war and conflict.

It is in this military environment where eighteen year old girls discover their sexuality and sensuality, feelings about the opposite sex or same sex, where they are always in close contact with young, sexy, tight bodies, all at their sexual peak, and all are always horny.  In non-fighting units, where army life is similar to any other office job, young boys and girls are exploring sex more often than in fighting units where girls are not that part of the scenery or in close contact.  It’s funny and maybe too some even sad that in other place in the world, 18 year old girls and boys are having crazy and wild hardcore college parties, drinking, smoking, fucking sorority girls and fraternity guys, with the only care they have is passing the next test, while here in Israel 18 year old girls and boys have alot more to worry about and do.  Here 18 year old boys and girls are at the front lines in the battle against terrorists, sucide bombers, hostile countries aiming to destroy Israel, drug smugglers and gangs, and many more dangerous activities.  

Although a difficult time for these army girls they stil look very sexy in an army uniform and take good care of their young tight bodies.  The local Israeli porn industry has taken notice of this and of the great interest horny sufers from around the world have for Israeli army girls, and so a new porno niche was born: Israeli army porn featuring soldiers fucking and sucking each other.  Stay updated in this blog for more news about the subject.