Nude Fight Club arrives in Israel

We are glad to announce that this is an exclusive to The new website Nude Fight Club dot com has had it’s first unvailing infront of an Israeli audience right here. This new site has all that Israeli men and men worldwide love: martial arts and hot naked girls fighting each other and then having lesbian sex with each other.  Sort of like if the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) would start featuring hot and sexy lesbians fight each other (a hell of an idea by the way).  The site features two sexy women who enter the ring, each with her own style of martial arts, with the goal of getting naked, pinning her opponent down, eating her pussy out real good and making her cum. I think that this is one of the best new concepts in porn that I have come accross for quit a while. 

Nude Fight Club is all about wild and crazy catfights of babes that wrestle, pindown, box, kick, and do what ever it takes to get each other down and nude and screaming for mercy that only comes after one hot chick agrees to get the other hot babe off and orgasm from hot lesbian sex.  These horny and crazy catfight babes are fighting each for victory and for hot lesbian sex action! Watching these naked sexy fighters wrestle, struggle, box, kick and lick each other in every possible way can give a hardon to every man.   Nude female wrestling with sexy atheltic girls, each match in the ring is for pussy licking and orgasm victory.   Some of these sexy nude fighters are real army girls that just can’t get enough from real fighting in the battle field so they decided to enter the ring and show that they know how to fight in hand to hand combat and not just with a rifle in their hands. 

The first porn scene is between the well know European porn star Kathia Nobili and the ultimate lesbian porn star Brandy Smile.  Both of these beautiful blonde porn stars love to lick pussy and tiny pink assholes as you can watch in this red hot fighting scene.  The fight starts when the two sexy girls enter the ring and start to wrestle and grapple with head locks, arm locks, hair pulling, mounting positions, and neck stretching.  As the fight goes on the clothes start coming off showing their beautiful, sexy and fit young bodies.  But being completely naked doesn’t stop the fighting action rather it intensifies as they are at this point getting very hot and horny, rubbing each others naked bodies.  This is when the fighting starts turning into a lesbian kiss and lick fest where everything goes: fingering, mutual masterbation, 69ing, pussy licking, and of course a very hard and awsome dual orgasm.  

Enter the site and watch nude boxing, wrestling females who like to dominat each other, naked cat fights and hardcore lesbian girls grappling and using sweaty combative martial arts techniques all here in!

Nude Fight Club
Nude Fight Club