The Israeli Porn Industry

In the past few years the Israeli porn industry has grown in an increasing rate especially in the fields of technology, services, and content in a direct proportion to the increase in internet use in Israel and worldwide.  There was even a Sextival last year, Israel’s first sex and erotica trade show.

Since the Israeli market is very small parallel to other world markets, almost all content is targeted at the international surfer.  There are a few, very few, professional companies in Israel dedicated to the porn industry, the largest and most recognized worlwide is Coolvision, owner of such sites as: I’mLive and about 40 other sites earning an estimated $150 million dollars per year from dating sites, pay-per-view porn movies, and affiliate programs such as the famous Pussycash.  There is no other Israeli porn company that even competes with the enormous operation that coolvision has in content, traffic, number of sites, recognition, and of course profits.  For more about Coolvision’s operation and company info click here.

Bluevision Productions is an Israeli based adult web design and development company, the only one in Israel dedicated to the field of adult entertainment.  Bluevision Productions was established in 2003 by two college buddies who still wish to remain anonymous, not because they are ashamed or embaraced, but because the other company that they own, also a web design and development company, deals with only mainstream sites, some of which owned by religious clients, and so it is best to keep them seperate.  Bluevision Productions is a one-stop-shop for almost all of your adult website needs since they provide design services, programming, hosting, SEO, marketing, and even professional advice, all in-house and always with a friendly attitude.  Bluevision Productions does paysites, pay-per-view sites, porn portals and directories, escort sites for escort agencies and escort directories, sites for strip clubs and stripper services, e-commerce and online sex shops, dating sites, and is able to develop any website idea that you have in mind.

Other Israeli adult entertainment companies are Ratuv, Teletouch who operate CMyporn, Top code who operate Agas live Israeli video-chat sex shows, DreamX who operate SexVOD, and Domina who also operate a pay-per-view porn site.  The rest of the sex sites in Israel are owned by private people who make their money as affiliates only, with no original content.