Orit Fux – busty Israeli model

Orit Fux busty Israeli model

Born on January 10th, 1979 in the ancient city of Caesarea, Orit Fux went to an agricultural school as a shy girl that dreamed of being a psychologist. During that time Orit was a brunette with a nice C cup breast size. After graduating from high school and serving in the Israeli army as a human resources clerk, Orit turned to persue a modeling and acting career that landed her a role in 2001 as a horny singing teacher that has sex with her students in the movie Eskimo Limon – The Party Goes On, a sequel to a long running Israeli cult film series. Her role as a large breasted high school singing teacher, where she also showed her tits, made her an instant celebrity, although she now regrets playing in that movie. Soon after that movie Orit started her plastic surgery quest to be the first live Israeli Barbi doll, enlarging her breasts to an enormous size, her lips, and who knows what else. She later became an author of an erotic semi-autobiographical book, a late night talk show host of a show that nobody watched, a calender girl and a model for hire for all kinds of events.

Orit Fux naked

Nude pictures of Orit Fux are very hard to find…not that she posed for many. If she wanted to, and she doesn’t, I think that Orit Fux would have a great career in porn movies or at least porn magazines or even nude magazines. Besides that fact that she had numorous plastic surgeries she still has a curvey body and huge tits that have a very big niche following.  I would love to see her sucking cock and having her big tits jizzed on in a site like big tits round asses for example, I think that would be awsome!  A move like that would definitely put this busty Israeli model on the world porn map and jumpstart her career.