Bar Refaeli nude

Bar Refaeli nudeBar refaeli has become the leading Israeli supermodel thanks to her extremely beautiful face and sexy body.  She has been featured in every leading fashion and men’s magazines either in a tiny bikini, sexy lingerie, or fully naked but always covering her beautiful round and large tits.  Playboy has been persuing Bar Refaeli to model for them for an undisclosed large amount of money for a few years now.  I think that when Bar Refaeli will pose for Playboy it will probably be one of the most best selling issues of the magazine, just like when she was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2009, making it one of the best selling issues ever.  Bar Refaeli posing for Playboy magazine will not only be a breakthrough for the beautiful model but will also pave the way for more gorgeous Israeli models to pose fully nude for the prestigious Men’s magazine.

Viewing Bar Refaeli totaly nude will be a dream come true for men all over the world who have wished to see her naked ever since she first appeared in international swimsuit and fashion magazines. Videos of her photo shoots always show her covering her natural beautiful breasts and being a big tease. The most skin that Bar Refaeli ever showed can be seen in this video clip that she posed for about a year ago for an exhibition in Israel.

Many Israeli models have been featured in fashion and men’s magazines worldwide showing off their sexy and curvey bodies, almost all of them with nice natural tits and a great round ass.  To view more photos and videos of Bar Refaeli the gorgeous Israeli model just click on the following links for lots of adult content.

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