Escort Agencies & Escort Services In Israel

Sex is a very basic human need that some can fulfill through a relationship, a quicky, or by paying for it with an escort.  Under Israeli law being a prostitute is legal and pimping isn’t.  In the last few years Israel has cracked down on human trafficars that have made modern day slaves out of poor young women especially from the former USSR, smuggling them to Israel under false pretences that they will work as waitresses, singers, night club dancers, strippers, etc. when in fact they are forced to work in prostitution servicing 20 and maybe 30 men per day with no regard for their health, living conditions and freedom.  Thankfully the police has cracked down on this as mentioned.

Escorts in Israel, escorts that are working in this business out of their own free will, are very easy to contact by either picking up some of the magazines advertising escort and adult entertainment ads in corner news stands or by going online into sites such as: , , , and many more.  All of the escort sites recommended here are VIP quality, providing high class escort services in Israel to locals and tourists.  Escort services such as: Angelina, Cleopatra, SexVIP, Sex Aviv, Tali69, Lady4You, are just a few of the sites, all of them by the way were designed and programmed by Bluevision Productions – adult web design & development.  All have beautiful and sexy Israeli natives and Israelis of Russian origin that are ready and able to fulfill your every sexual desire and fantasy.  Some are even Israeli porn stars that have been featured in sevral Israeli porn movies.

Escorts In Israel