Israeli Girls Gone Wild

In Israel all men and women are drafted at the the age of 18 to the Israeli army, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), and women play a very important and vital role as fighters and non-combat positions.  There are Israeli army girls who are pilots, tank commanders, ship captains, and ever regular infantry grunts.  Men are required to serve for 3 years and women for 2 years and the service in the IDF is considered a major part of growing up in Israel, being part of the culture, and the national identity.  But aren’t you wondering what these young and sexy Israeli girls do when they come back home for some R and R?  They party hard!  Israel is known for its crazy parties and wild Israeli girls that love to get loose and have fun.  During the summer and even sometimes during the winter there are pool parties where sexy Israeli girls dance and drink in their tiny bikinis showing off their sexy tanned bodies with their nice natural tits and round Jewish ass.

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