Sexy Israeli Soldier Girls

As you probably know military service is compulsory in Israel for Jewish boys and girls 18 years old and over.  Most of the people go to military units that they choose and some are sent to units that the military thinks best suits them.  And so some of the people go to fighting combat units, intelligence, supporting units, instructional, clerical jobs, etc.  Israeli girls that want to go to fighting combat units in the IDF can only go to combat units that allow girls to be fighters along side guys.  There is alot of demand for those positions and so not all of the girls are accepted.  The ones that are not accepted become mostly instructors for combat operations and subjects such as fitness instructors, sniper and shooting instructors, artillery and tank instructors and so on.  Usually all of the girl combat instructors are sexy and hot, making the guy soldiers even hornier that what they are usually.  Some of the soldiers get lucky and get alot more “private time” with these sexy young army girls.
The relationship between female instructors in the IDF and the male soldiers is well known and so is the sexual tension between them, especially since everyone is young and horny as hell anyway.  Many Israeli porn movies have been made featuring sexy Israeli army girls that mess around with soldiers one at a time and some with a few at once whether in a threesome or orgy.  Every soldier has a fantasy of fucking his female commander if she is sexy.  There is something about a girl wearing an army uniform that is simply sexy and makes every guy horny.

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