We’re Back!

It has been a long and busy summer here in Israel full of many enjoyable and memorable events.  Some of the most recognized names in music have performed here lately: Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, The Red Sea Jazz Festival in the city of Eilat, Faith No More, Leonard Cohen, and the queen of pop…Madonna, and many more to come.  On the Israeli porn fron we have been very busy as well.  Not only have new Israeli porn movies come out but also a few brand new sites that we have added to our ever growing portfolio of adult web design and development.  In this post I will talk about these new additions.

The first new website that I will talk about is Pandora’s Secret.  This website is the best place to share your sexual fantasies with the rest of the world and see what others write about their erotic fantasies as well.   Pandora’s Secret allows surfers to post all legal sexual fantasies: the raunchy, the romantic, the decadent, the weird, the most pornographic you can think of, and even the ones that can’t be classified…all sex fantasies are welcome.  Know you have the chance to not only keep your sexual fantasy or fantasies in your own mind but share them and see how others comment on them.  Some have a sex fantasy that they are shy to tell about to their spouse, so here is the chance to tell us all about it and stil be discreet.  No matter what you sex fantasy is, sexual desire, erotic dream that you would love some day to fulfill, Pandora’s Secret is the best place to share this.  Come share these fantasies with other members.  We won’t judge you — promise.