Joanna Angel Dresses Up For Purim

Purim is here, the time for all Jewish kids to dress up in costumes to commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish091021-Joanna-Maid-13 people living throughout the ancient Persian Empire from a plot by Haman the Agagite to annihilate them, a plot discovered by Mordecai (Esther’s uncle which was the queen at the time) as recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther (Megillat Esther) which is read during the festival. Since dressing up in costumes and drinking wine till you can’t differentiate between Haman to Mordecai are some of the major customes of the Purim holiday, Joanna Angel dressed up as a very sexy gothic maid. As you can see in the following photo gallery, Joanna Angel slowly strips naked and plays with herself using her little duster.  Watch how the duster finds its way to Joanna’s pink pussy.  I have a feeling that she is not going to go to synagogue to listen to the reading of Megillat Esther dressed like that…unless we are talking about a very very Reform Jewish synagogue.  Joanna Angel is one of the most talented and busy Jewish pornstars working today in the adult industry.  She ownes and operates, produces and sometimes stars in her own porn movies under her company name Burning Angel Productions.  Her porn movies feature tattooed pornstars in the goth, emo and punk rock hardcore genres.  Joanna Angel is currently dating a famous male Jewish pornstar named James Deen with which she has done several porn movies.  To view more of the sexy and wild Joanna Angel click on the appearing link. Enjoy and have a joyous Purim!