Erotic Massage Parlors In Israel

Massage parlors in Israel are in every city and offer a variety of atmospheres and services to their clients.  In Tel-Aviv you can find the largest variety of massage parlors and sex spas in various styles such as Oriental, Russian, Turkish, and so on.  Other cities such as Jerusalem, Haifa, Eilat and others also offer a variety of massage parlors but the amount is much less.  To have an erotic massage in a massage parlor in Israel is probably like in any other country: a guy comes to the establishment for a sensual massage, chooses the girl masseuse of his choice, she takes him to her room, she takes his cloths off and tells him to like on the bed on his stomach with a towel covering his ass, and starts to massage his back.  As the massage goes on she uses oils to sooth the guys body and slowly moves up his legs softly touching at first his balls.  This of course almost immediately triggers an erection and the sexy masseuse slowly gets undressed herself showing off her gorgeous body.  She gets ontop of him giving him a good body massage rubbing her sexy body on his.  At this point all that the guy can think about is to cum all over her but he fights it because he wants this erotic massage session to last as long as possible.  She tells him to roll over and lie on his back, he does so and the towel falls to the ground showing a hard erect cock which she gently grasps and starts strocking.  She sees the enjoyment that her client gets from this and she then decides to put his dick in her mouth giving him a deep blowjob.  He can hardly stop himself from cumming but he then takes her and has full hardcore sex with her unti he cums all over her sexy body.

This scenerio is usually what happens at massage parlors or rather sex spas that give a lot more than just a sensual massage and are rather a brothel since the client gets full intercourse services.  That doesn’t mean that there are no massage parlors that only give a sensual massage and a good body massage with no sexual touching, handjobs, blowjobs, sex and other happy endings.

To those of you who enjoy erotic massage parlors that always give a happy ending we have gathered here for you links to sex sites that are specificaly showing pics and movie content dealing with sensual massages that are fully hardcore:

Indecent Massage – One of the top massage parlor sex sites showing videos of guys getting fucked by sexy and hot masseuses who will do anything for a good tip and a happy ending is always given.

Nuru Massage – Experience the delight of a sensual massage from beautiful oriental girls and the most amazing slippery body massage from Japan’s finest.

All Girl Massage – The first lesbian massage site on the Internet all in HD quality ! Only ladies know what other ladies like and these sizzling hot women getting and giving sensual massages know all of the right spots to rub and touch to ensue ecstasy.  This site is dedicated to lesbian erotic massages meaning that you will not see even one little penis in these videos, pussy only!

Soapy Massage – The hottest asian girls giving soapy handjobs.  Hot asian masseuses sliding their sexy slippery body all over you till the happy ending that explodes in their hands, bodies and faces.

Massage Parlor – A unique site where massage parlor secrets are revealed showing exactly what is going on behind closed doors between clients and very hot masseuses.  Their slogan says it all: “Where happy ending dreams become a reality”.

Massage Creep – The most fucked up massage videos of a male masseuse fucking tons of hot chicks and pornstars that don’t know how to say “no” to cock.  This guy shows you that if you know how to give a good massage to a women you will always get laid.

The following movie clip is just a taste from what you can watch in the above sex massage sites mentioned.